Towing Regulations Guide for Australia and New Zealand

Disclaimer: This guide is a summary and is for general information only. No liability is accepted for any error or omission. The absence of a reference to a rule or law does not mean than such a rule or law does not exist. In the event of any discrepancy between this guide and federal, state or territory rules or laws, please follow those rules or laws. These regulations are subject to change – please check with the relevant authority for the latest information.

The Problem

If you decide to drive around Australia in an RV, you will want to abide by the road rules in each state and territory that you drive through. Because there are currently no national towing regulations in Australia, state and territory road agencies advise interstate drivers to check the rules with each road agency of the state and territory they drive through.

The problem with this approach is that every Australian road agency produces its RV-related road rule information in different formats and in different places. A diligent interstate RV road user will need to find, read and memorise over 20 guides, information bulletins and legislative documents to understand and fully comply with the RV road rules in Australia.

This confuses RV users, makes driving interstate over-complicated and enforcement trickier.

The Solution

RV Books has produced the first ever comprehensive overview of current Australian and New Zealand towing regulations. It includes the towing regulations of every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. Differences between Australian rules are highlighted. Everything you need to know is now in one place.

Download the guide as a pdf here.

But this is only an interim solution. The longer term solution is a set of national RV road rules for Australia.

To help this process along, RV Books has produced a set of draft national towing regulations for Australia.

You can read these draft regulations here.

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