The Camper Trailer Book

by Collyn Rivers


eBook (PDF download), 96 pages (A4)

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The Camper Trailer Book provides quick, easy, simple & powerful information about all aspects of camper trailers and their usage. The Camper Trailer book shows how to make fridges, battery charging and solar work as they should. It explains beam and independent suspension, and why shock absorbers are essential. It covers special electrical needs of camper trailers and 4WDs. owners. It shows how to build and modify camper trailers and their systems. Essentially, the Camper Trailer Book gives quick and simple approaches that will work, not ones that may work. The current (2019 version) one is the book's third edition.

Camper trailers offer the freedom and pleasures of camping - without the discomforts.A proven well-made off-road camper trailer can be towed almost anywhere a towing vehicle is capable of taking it. The proof is that camper trailers continuing to be the fastest growing sector of the RV market.

Sample Chapter Download

Click on the link below to download the free PDF sample chapter - 'Camper Trailer Overview' - from The Camper Trailer Book (7 pages):


‘It is difficult to find any aspect that is not fully explained’

Peter Poat, The Weekend West Australian.

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