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RV Legislation

RV Road Rules Summary (Australia)

A summary of the key Australian RV road rules you need to know.

Draft National Towing Rules (Australia)

Some proposed new national towing rules for Australia.

RV Construction Legislation (Australia)

How to make Australia's caravan construction rules simpler.

RV Accident Data

Pic: Daily Liberal
Pic: Daily Liberal

Caravan Rollover Reports and Images

Links to media reports of caravan rollovers in the last 3 years.

Caravan Rollover Claim Data (Australia)

Some key caravan rollover statistics from Australian insurance companies.

RV Accident Data (Australia)

Some general accident information for Australia.

Towing Dynamics

Moments on a Beam

Where you place weight on your trailer is as vital as how much something weighs.

Double Pendulum Principle

What happens when your trailer starts to sway uncontrollably.

Overhung Hitches

The physics (and dangers) of overhung hitches.

RV Weight

Weight Definitions

The key RV weight definitions, fully illustrated, on one page.

The Trouble with Tare

Why the Tare Mass definition is misleading in the caravan world.

Tow Ball Mass

What is a safe weight to place on your tow ball?

RV Stability

Pic: NT Police

Pic: NT Police

The Reasons for Rollovers

How caravan rollovers happen and how to avoid one.

Weight Ratios

The all-important tow vehicle to trailer weight ratio explained.

Pic: Reuters
Pic: Reuters

Weight Distribution

How to load a caravan or motor home safely.

RV Battery Charging

Alternator Charging Problems

Having difficulty charging your RV battery from your alternator?

Battery Charging with a Generator

How to speed up battery charging from a generator.

RV Battery State of Charge

What is 'SOC' and how do you measure it?

Diesel Heaters, Lithium Batteries and Weight Distributing Hitches

Diesel Heaters

Easy, effective and safe.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Pack a lot of punch, but need specialised knowledge.

Weight Distributing Hitches

How a WDH works.

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