The Australian RV Handbook

by Collyn Rivers

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The Australian Recreational Vehicle Handbook will be the first ever comprehensive guide to buying, owning, driving and maintaining all types of RV.

Bringing together decades of experience and the combined industry and practical knowledge of two of Australia's foremost independent RV writers, the RV Handbook is destined to become the essential guide for current and prospective RV owners in Australia. It will cover:

  • a brief history of RVs
  • RV markets in Australia today
  • a description of the 20 different RV types available
  • the process of buying an RV
  • RV weight principles
  • How RV's are built
  • RV layouts, interiors and accessories
  • RV electrics
  • RV cooling, heating, fridges, water and waste
  • RV communications, computers and entertainment
  • How to drive an RV
  • On the road in an RV
  • Keeping safe
  • Future RV trends

The RV Handbook will include a wide range of essential check lists including:

  • RV loading and storing checklist
  • checklist for buying a used RV
  • self-contained vehicle checklist
  • RV maintenance checklist
  • RV tools and spare parts checklist

The RV Handbook is a guide that every RV owner will want to have in their glove box or library.

Due for publication in 2019.

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