Caravan Buyers Guide

by Andrew Woodmansey


eBook (PDF download), 200 pages

The Caravan Buyers Guide is the only independent guide to buying a caravan in Australia. An ideal book for first time buyers of new or used caravans.

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The eBook version of the Caravan Buyers Guide includes comprehensive coverage of the principles and guidelines behind making the right caravan buying decision. Rather than discussing specific caravan brands or models, the guide gives prospective buyers invaluable and timeless knowledge to help them review their caravan purchasing options and make a wise purchasing decision they will not regret later.

Did you know there are well over 100 brands of caravan on sale in Australia?

The Caravan Buyers Guide helps you choose the right caravan for your needs. Fully illustrated and using simple, clear explanations, the guide will:

  • help you decide if you’re suited to the caravan lifestyle
  • explain the types of caravan available along with their strengths and weaknesses compared to other RV types
  • tell you what to look for in a caravan based on who you are and where you want to go, and then how to buy one
  • tell you how caravan suspension, gas and electric systems work
  • explain which caravan accessories you need and importantly don’t need
  • walk you though caravan paperwork including contracts, insurance and warranties
  • provide invaluable advice on safely towing a caravan and enjoying life on the road
  • take a glimpse into the caravan of the future

See below for contents, free chapter download and reviews.

Sample Chapter Download

Click on the link below for a free PDF download of Chapter One - 'To Buy or Not to Buy a Caravan' - from Caravan Buyers Guide (9 pages).

Reviews of Caravan Buyers Guide

‘The most comprehensive of its kind in Australia’

The West Australian

‘An invaluable source of information‘ ★★★★★

Caravan World Magazine

‘Very thorough and professional‘

Caravan Council of Australia

‘Independent, comprehensive and insightful’

 The Sunday Times (WA)

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