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Buying RVs

Buying a new RV

Before you buy a new RV, stop and think.

Choosing a Caravan Tow Vehicle

When choosing a caravan tow vehicle there are four key (caravan towing specifications that you need to know.

Buying used caravans what to check

A detailed checklist for buying a used caravan.

Driving RVs

Ten Tips for Safe Towing

Our best advice for keeping you safe whilst towing.

How to Reverse a Caravan

Easy trailer reversing tips brought to you in conjunction with Tow-Ed.

RV Road Rules Summary

A summary of the key Australian RV road rules you need to know.

On the Road in Your RV

Best way to drive an RV around Australia

The best way to drive around Australia - from those who have done it many times.

Australian RV Apps

Some of the best apps for use on the road in Australia.

New Zealand RV Apps

Some of the best apps for use on the road in New Zealand.

RV Interiors and Accessories

What RV Accessories Do I Need

Really useful RV accessories to take with you on your travels.

Choosing the right interior fittings for an Australian RV

Choosing the right interior fittings for an Australian RV fully explained

How to Choose the Best Caravan Layout

What is the most suitable caravan or motorhome layout for me?

RV Electrics

RV Solar Basics

Getting started with solar.

RV Battery Basics

Understanding RV battery types and how to use them.

RV Fridge Basics

Choosing and using RV fridges.

RV Toilets

RV Toilets - Which is Best?

Choosing the most suitable RV toilet.

Safe RV Toilet Chemicals

Choosing the right RV toilet chemicals.


A professor's view.

Electric Vehicles

Other Topics

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This article (updated in mid-2019) discusses the very real risks if LP gas is misused in a caravan or motor home, or any type of RV, tent or annexe. In particular it emphasises the major risk of brain damage at very low levels of carbon monoxide produced.

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