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RV Books is the successor to Collyn River's long established and popular site, caravanandmotohomebooks.com. As the body of Collyn's work grew and the popularity of eBooks increased, Collyn felt that a new site was needed to make his RV portfolio of books and articles available to a wider audience.

Many of Collyn's most popular articles from his first site are reproduced here in updated form. Collyn has also decided to invite independent RV authors and, in due course, reputable sponsors, to contribute blogs and articles to the site. 

Collyn Rivers

Collyn Rivers is an ex-RAF ground radar engineer and motor industry research engineer. Collyn founded the worldwide electronics publication Electronics Today International as well as over twenty other publications in electronics, computing, music and telecommunications. He was technology editor of The Bulletin and wrote the Federal Government's Guide to Information Technology. Today Collyn is a leading Australian authority on caravan stability and RV suspension and electrical systems.

In 1959 and 1960, Collyn and two colleagues travelled across Africa and the Sahara by truck. Watch a 43-minute video of Collyn's African travels here.

Featured Author

Andrew Woodmansey

Andrew Woodmansey enjoyed many caravan holidays as a child. After a 20 year international career in finance and leisure development, Andrew settled in Australia to help develop and improve leisure facilities in Sydney, including the world's first urban campground on Cockatoo Island. Andrew has written articles for the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Leisure Management and has run his own tourism consultancy. He worked for three years at the Sydney Opera House as General Manager of Commercial Operations and also acted as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Charles Darwin University in Darwin.

After a five year search for the perfect Australian RV, Andrew now explores the country in a Vista RV Crossover XL.

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A wealth of free information is available on the RV Books website. This requires a significant investment on our part in research and writing. The aims of providing these free articles are to help make you a safer RV driver, the RVs we buy better quality and the road rules we have to follow simpler.

To support this important but independent work, please consider buying one of our books. Thank you.


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