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RV Books is the successor to Collyn Rivers' long-established and popular site, caravanandmotorhomebooks.com. As the body of Collyn's work grew and the popularity of eBooks increased, Collyn felt that a new site was needed to make his RV portfolio of books and articles available to a wider audience.

Many of Collyn's most popular articles from caravanandmotorhomebooks.com are in an ongoing process of being totally updated and, in some cases, rewritten. More articles will progressively be added. Collyn invites independent RV technical authors to contribute blogs and articles to the site.

Also in hand is the all-encompassing Australian RV Handbook - now due for publication in 2019.

There is also, for the very first time, a mini-book that explains why caravans sway, how to know if yours is at risk - and practical ways of reducing that risk. In essence it is an updated and complete version of the advice Collyn has provided in various forums for some 20 years. It has to be sold (for it to be compiled) but the price will be little more than that of its production. It is hoped to have this available in early 2019..

Our associated website (previously successfulsolarbooks.com) too has been totally updated - and is now solarbooks.com. It came on-line in mid-December 2018.    

Collyn Rivers

Collyn Rivers is an ex-RAF ground radar engineer and motor industry research engineer (Vauxhall/Bedford Research Centre).There, he designed and built most of the test equipment used by that centre. See http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebui... and scroll down for the actual details.

In 1971,Collyn founded the worldwide electronics publication Electronics Today International as well as over twenty other publications in electronics, computing, music and telecommunications. He was technology editor of The Bulletin and wrote the Federal Government's Guide to Information Technology. Today, Collyn is a recognised leading global authority on caravan stability and RV suspension and RV electrical systems.

In 1959 and 1960, Collyn and two colleagues travelled across Africa and the Sahara by truck. It was the very last time this was politically possible. Africa virtually exploded behind them on their way back to Europe, Watch a stunning 43-minute video of Collyn's African travels here.

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A wealth of free information is available on the RV Books website. This requires a significant investment on our part in research and writing. The aims of providing these free articles are to help make you a safer RV driver, the RVs we buy better quality and the road rules we have to follow simpler.

To support this important but independent work, please consider buying one of our books. Thank you.


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