About our Books

All books featured on RV Books are self-published, regularly reviewed and kept fully up to date. They are totally free of advertising, easy to read and highly respected in the RV industry for their clear explanations of sometimes complex subjects. The free articles and sample chapter downloads on RV Books give an indication of their quality.

Buying a Print Book

RV Books features eBooks only. These are PDF files available to download and can be read on any compatible device.

If you wish to purchase the print version of any of our featured books, these can be purchased as follows:

Print version books by Collyn Rivers (The Caravan & Motorhome Book, Caravan & Motorhome Electrics, The Camper Trailer Book, Solar That Really Works!) - available to order online from booktopia.com.au and at most major bookshops.

About eBooks

The eBooks available on RV Books are an easy way to get the information you need quickly. All  eBooks available on RV Books are Adobe PDF files, making them easy to read on a range of digital devices. With eBooks, subject to the capabilities of your device, you can take advantage of the useful search and website link functions available in PDF files.

Tips for Downloading and Reading PDF eBooks

If you are planning to read one of our eBooks on a laptop or desktop computer, please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. Click on the icon below to download and install Adobe Reader:


  • Download. Once you have purchased an eBook you will receive an email invoice and an email order confirmation containing a download link where your eBook can be securely downloaded. File sizes vary but may take a while to download.
  • Number of download attempts. You have up to 5 attempts to download the file in the event that your first download is not successful. After the maximum number of attempts, the download link will expire. See below if you lose your download link email.

Please also note the following:

  • Smart Phones. We do not recommend downloading our eBooks to a small smart phone - the text and images will be too small. An iPad or tablet is the smallest screen size we recommend.
  • Copyright protection. To protect our copyright, our eBooks are password protected - they cannot be edited or printed. Every page of all our eBooks has the purchaser's details stamped at the bottom.
  • iPads. If downloading to an iPad, downloaded files must be saved in an app for future use. We suggest you open the PDF in iBooks in order to re-open the file at a later date. If you have a laptop or desktop PC, you may prefer to download the eBook to that and transfer the PDF to an Ipad by syncing.
  • Browsers and operating systems. Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser and operating system installed on your device.


Please note that some eBook readers cannot use the full functionality of PDF files - if in doubt check with the manufacturer of your device.


If you click or tap on any word or term that is a hyperlink and you have internet access, that link will take you directly to the relevant website.


If you open one of our eBooks in Adobe Acrobat Reader, any word or combination of words can be found almost instantly. To display the search function, click or tap on the Search icon (it is the one that looks like a magnifying glass) at the top of the Adobe Reader page - or just use ‘Ctrl+F’. Then select the drop down item ‘Open Full Acrobat Search’.

Basic Search. This is worth trying but comes up with every instance of that word or phrase that you entered

Advanced Search. Click or tap ‘Show More Options’ - near the bottom of the search window pane. Select: ‘Match any of the words for results containing’ (say) ‘typical solar module input’. Search results will bring up only that combination of words.

Post-Purchase Enquiries

If after purchase you lose your download link email or if you have any questions in relation to your order, please contact us using the contact form quoting your order number.

and one request...

A wealth of free information is available on the RV Books website. This requires a significant investment on the part of our authors in research and writing. The aims of providing these free articles are to help make you a safer RV driver, the RVs we buy better quality and the road rules we have to follow simpler.

To support this important but independent work, please consider buying one of our featured books. Thank you.


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