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Pic: The Wanderer's first trip to Scotland in 1885, showing what can happen when a 2 tonne caravan goes off road.

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What We Do

Welcome to RV Books new website and blog.

by Collyn Rivers

The aim of RV Books is simple - to improve the safety and enjoyment of RV ownership. We seek to convey everything we know about RVs to you through our books and online articles. Our featured authors are independent and generally self-published.

Many of you will know me from my RV books and articles available previously on caravanandmotorhomebooks.com and my columns for CMCA's 'The Wanderer' magazine and other RV publications.

My specialist area is RV electrical and suspension systems. This knowledge has been used to support product development for Redarc and Ampfibian amongst others. I am delighted that my books are now available on rvbooks.com.au for the first time in eBook form. My most popular articles have been updated and are also available here - these will be added to over time.

Our first featured author, Andrew Woodmansey, is a relative newcomer to the RV writing world. His search for the 'perfect' RV over five years of visiting caravan shows and talking to many RV owners led to the creation of the 'Caravan Buyers Guide', the first and currently only independent guide to buying a new or used caravan in Australia. I edited the CBG.

Andrew and I are now finalising a co-authored book to be called 'The Australian Recreational Vehicle Handbook'. We hope the RV Handbook will become the definitive guide to buying and owning RVs of all types. It will be published in late 2018.

The RV Books website is a natural next step for me.  I believe there is still much to be accomplished in making the Australian RV world a safer place. See the blog 'Change Needed' for our views on what still needs to be done.

RV consumers in Australia currently have no national organisation to help them lobby for better quality RVs and simpler RV road rules. Further, there is no single place to go to find out what the rules are.

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia ('CMCA') is Australia's largest RV owners group, but is still debating whether caravan owners should be permitted as full members.

The Caravan Council of Australia ('CCA') does important technical and legislative work, supporting RV owners with specific quality complaints and offering a range of checklists and tools, but does not have the resources to lobby more widely for improvements.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia ('CIAA') and related state associations represent manufacturers.

In the absence of a body to represent RV consumers, it is truly 'caveat emptor' - buyer beware. RV owners must do what they can to educate themselves about how RVs work, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each RV type, and how to go about buying, owning and maintaining one.

RV owners must also read, understand and follow the rules that relate to their particular RV.

RV Books is here to help explain the rules, principles, options, techniques and risks involved in RV ownership. As well as of course how to make the most of your RV and enjoy its accessories, entertainment and apps.

RV Books has no axe to grind other than safe and enjoyable RV'ing for everyone. We are not owned by anyone and do not report to anyone. This independence allows us to express our views plainly, to call out bogus claims or information whilst supporting good practice.

Much of the information on our website is free. A range of eBooks are for sale on the site and the proceeds allow independent writers to carry on their work 'free of fear or favour'.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on what you think of the site, what topics we should cover in future and how we may inform you better.


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