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Pic: The Wanderer's first trip to Scotland in 1885, showing what can happen when a 2 tonne caravan goes off road.

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J. Harris Stone

‘To enjoy caravanning don’t be taciturn. Be affable and agreeable, wear a smile on your face and talk freely to those who are similarly disposed, and you will never find the road dull.’

(quote from Caravanning and Camping Out, 1914, by J. Harris Stone)

by Andrew Woodmansey

J. Harris Stone was the Honorary Secretary of the UK Caravan Club from its formation in 1907 until 1933. Although less well known than his contemporary, Gordon Stables, who is widely recognised as the father of recreational caravanning, J. Harris Stone was perhaps the first RV philosopher.

His 1914 book Caravanning and Camping Out is a timeless classic on the joys of caravanning. From time to time in our blog we will include some quotes from this wonderful book. Let's not forget that the tradition of the RV is well over a century old. J. Harris Stone will also remind us of why we go caravanning in the first place.

Here's another quote from J. Harris Stone in 1914, this time describing the experience of the waking caravanner:

‘He draws the curtain from his open window, and gazes out on Nature at the brightest and freshest period of her daily life. If it has rained in the night, the racy homeliness of the scent of damp earth assails his senses and stirs his soul with an irrepressible feeling of how good life can be. The awakening of birds and their twitter around the van, combined with the strange signs of early morning, can never be realised by a dweller in a house.’

We couldn't agree more.

Look out for more quotes from J. Harris Stone on this site and our forthcoming Australian RV Handbook, currently scheduled in 2019.


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