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Both caravan and home solar is also covered our companion site solarbooks.com

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The Caravan and Motorhome Book

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

A detailed analysis for buyers and owners of caravans and motorhomes

Why Caravans Roll Over

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

Explains in detail every aspect of tow vehicle and caravan stability.

Caravan and Motorhome Electrics

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

A technical but accessible guide to all aspects of RV electrics.

The Camper Trailer Book

        by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

Essential yet simple and proven reading for buyers, builder & owners of camper trailers.

Solar That Really Works!

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

This factual, simple & long proven book explains all you need to make solar first time for you.

The RV Handbook

by Collyn Rivers

Publication scheduled for late 2019

The first ever fully comprehensive guide to RV purchase and ownership. 

General articles on a range of important topics relating to RVs.

Technical articles to assist RV owners, manufacturers and legislators.

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Caravan consumer satisfaction survey.

The Australian National University, ANU College of Law

The Australian National University, ANU College of Law is conducting research to identify whether the Australian consumer law and the Australian vehicle standards are ineffective in ensuring that only caravans  that are fit for purpose are used on Australian roads.

The project is reviewing relevant law applicable to the design and sale of caravans including the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (Cth), the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019 (Cth) and Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB1 Building Small Trailers National Code of Practice. Other relevant law will be the Australian Consumer Law (or ACL). The ACL is set out in Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). It is complemented by state and territory laws to ensure that all manner of consumer transactions are covered. 

We are conducting a survey that is looking for details of the consumer experience in obtaining remedies for defects in caravan manufacturer.  We are interested in finding out about your experience with defects  that render the vehicle unsafe to tow.   This research is not looking at what we call ‘defects of convenience’ eg faults in design that affect whether the caravan is waterproof, or various fixtures an fittings work. Whilst no doubt inconvenient, disappointing  and expensive to repair, these do not go to the safety of the vehicle.  Within scope will be defects in gas and/or electrical installation as these must be certified as safe as part of the registration process and go to the question of whether the van is safe  and fit for purpose.

If you have relevant experience with defects and with trying to get those remedies corrected we invite you to complete this survey.  The survey involves 21 questions that mostly ask you to select from various  options and, in some cases, to add any comments you would like to make.  We anticipate that taking the survey will take no more than 20 minutes.  Completion of the survey is voluntary and anonymous.  You are asked to identify your gender, age range and state  or territory of residence but there is no further identifying information requested.   Your consent to taking part in this survey will be implied by your decision to complete the survey and submit your answers.  Once your answers have been submitted we will  not be able to identify them so you will not be able to withdraw your answers or your consent once you have submitted the completed survey.

The results of the survey will be used to compare the lived experience of obtaining repairs and remedies against the stated aims of the Australian Consumer law.   The results will form the basis of recommendations  to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Federal Government for changes to the ACL and remedies.  Apart from reports to government the results of the study will be used by the principle researcher to complete a paper in partial satisfaction  of the requirements for the degree of Juris Doctor at the Australian National University.  It is also anticipated that the research will be used by the supervisor and the principle researcher to prepare a journal article for publication in an appropriate refereed  academic journal. 

For more details on the study and how the results will be stored and used, 
read the Information Sheet for Participants here.

If you are ready to complete the survey – follow this link to the

Our influential blog on all things RV.

Battery Breakthrough - New technology may replace lithium-ion. Read about it here first!

Solar battery breakthrough

Battery storage has long been the major cost of home, business and even caravan solar. Most new systems are now lithium-ion and costs about $1 per watt/hour (most home systems need 12,000-15,000 watt/hours).

This may well be slashed by a new Australian-developed battery (called Gelion) that uses zinc-bromide: a (claimed) much cheaper and safer technology than the lithium-ion batteries used now.

The zinc-bromide chemistry used by Gelion operates without the need for active cooling and enables 100% of the battery’s capacity to be used (most batteries are damaged or wrecked by that).

The Gelion company is based on work by Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, winner of the 2018 Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science. The so called the Gelion Endure system is inexpensive, robust, safe, fully recyclable and scalable.

The company plans to launch the system into the $70 billion global energy storage market. It states that ‘the global battery market is currently valued at $60 billion to $70 billion and yet, if we were to take all current batteries produced in one year, they would only have the capability to store around to store around 11 minutes of annual electrical power use. Gelion has set out to fill the overwhelming market need with an inexpensive, robust, safe, fully recyclable and scalable battery – the Gelion Endure system.”The zinc-bromide chemistry used by Gelion operates without the need for active cooling and uses 100% of the battery’s capacity.

Its electrode surfaces can be rejuvenated remotely using battery management systems, making it suitable for stationary energy storage applications in remote sites.

See also Collyn's companion website: solarbooks.com. It has many caravan and motorhome plus home and property solar articles.

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