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RV Books provides powerful, proven & unbiased information on Caravan, Motorhome and Camper Trailer choosing, buying, using and building.

RV Books (previously Caravan & Motorhome Books) give instant, powerful, unbiased & accurate information & advice on caravans, motor homes, camper trailers and fifth wheel caravans. We have done so since 2001.

 RV Books helps current and future RV owners to understand, buy, maintain and enjoy all types of RV. Here are general & technical RV articles, videos and our influential RV blog. Plus our own proven digital and printed RV Books written by Collyn Rivers. It also features long-proven work of other RV authors.

RV Books sells eBooks directly only. If you would like to buy a print version, please see here.

Please note: virtually all articles are currently being updated. All (that needed it) were completed by 1 February, 2019.  

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The Caravan and Motorhome Book

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

A detailed analysis for buyers and owners of caravans and motorhomes.


and how to prevent it

- an all-new guide by Collyn Rivers

Coming soon!

This all-new book ebook (now in its final stages of production) explains in detail every aspect of tow vehicle and caravan stability. It includes ways of assessing the stability of your existing (and/or proposed rigs - and full details of how to enhance it.

Virtually all of the book is in plain English - but with ample references etc for professional engineers.

Current publishing date is late February. Price yet to be set. 

Caravan and Motorhome Electrics

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

A technical but accessible guide to all aspects of RV electrics.

The Camper Trailer Book

        by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

Essential yet simple and proven reading for buyers, builder & owners of camper trailers.

Solar That Really Works!

by Collyn Rivers

(eBook A$29.95)

This factual, simple & long proven book explains all you need to make solar first time for you.

The RV Handbook

by Collyn Rivers

The first ever fully comprehensive guide to RV purchase and ownership. Expected publication date is now mi-2019.

Solar Books by Collyn Rivers

RV Books sister-site solarbooks.com provides powerful, proven yet easy to read information about solar energy for caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers & all RVs. solarbooks.com shows quick and easy ways to tell what you can run from solar, the energy needed/available to do so and simple ways  to design and install it. solarbooks.com has up-to-date articles about all things solar.  For no-nonsense information and advice about going solar you can't do better.

General articles on a range of important topics relating to RVs.

Technical articles to assist RV owners, manufacturers and legislators.

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Our influential blog on all things RV.

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We feature RV content from authors recognised in the Australian and New Zealand RV industries for their in-depth knowledge and independence. All books are free of advertising, and authors accept no payment to mention brands in their books. By purchasing a book, you are not only educating yourself but also supporting the work of independent RV writers.


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